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Vintage Cauliflower Pillow

Vintage Cauliflower Pillow

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I love that cauliflower is having its moment in the sun- buffalo fried cauliflower, cauliflower pizza crust, cauliflower rice!  I've always thought it was a pretty, strange vegetable with a beautiful name (

This vintage fabric is called "popcorn chenille" and was created in the beginning- to -mid-century, likely by a woman in a rural town. Learn about the history of American chenille.  Because it is a vintage fabric, I only have a little bit of it and a limited amount of cauliflowers will be made.

The chenille is all cotton, and the leaves are green linen. I've used a decorative button to give it pizzaz.  The pillow measures 10"across and is filled with 90% recycled polyester fibers. No animal products were used in this pillow.

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