Eggplant Veggie Pillow

Eggplant Veggie Pillow

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Oh-ber-jean? Ow-bear-gine? I'll just call it an eggplant. Do you love this Bottecelli of vegetables? If this purple curvy veggie is your fave, I've just stepped it up a notch with a GIANT huggable aubergine. I recommend a recipe of snuggles, hugs, giggles and squeezes. Roasting and stewing is not recommended. 

Soft, squishy and absolutely ridiculous, this pillow will make anyone smile. Have a food fight that's easy to clean up, or make your vegan friend's day. Made of purple fleece, it is a huggable fruit with no danger of bruising or ever going bad. The top stem is of dark green felt and the whole veggie is stuffed with 90% recycled non-allergenic polyester stuffing. 

This giant eggplant shaped pillow measures 10" (30cm) across and is 15" (37cm) tall. 

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