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Amy Brown, Designer and Owner

Jumbo Jibbles are the opposite of stuffed animals -- vegetables you can hug! I started Jumbo Jibbles as a sewing project in 2012 and it has since grown into a slow-food-locally-grown-hand-picked wondershop. I'm proud that everything in my shop is designed and made locally, and Jibbles are on every continent in the world (except for South America and Antarctica. Come on, y'all.) 

Packing eggplants to ship out.

What's your favorite vegetable? Sometimes it's easier to say your least favorite. People who may be squeamish about vegetables are given a positive connection to them when they hold my creations. You can't eat them, but I still believe I'm helping foster healthy diets and happy tummies.

Jumbo Jibbles is the name of my brand and my studio in San Jose, California. As for 2016, my lemons, lime and carrots are made by small, outside manufacturers in the US.  Everything else is made in my studio by me and a part-time assistant. 

My assistant Kathryn cutting pickle pieces.

I like to be transparent about my process. When I started this business, I was working from my apartment and said I'd never let anyone else's hands make my creations. In 2014 I began having trouble with my hands and wrists, and decided to have someone help me sew. After making over 300 Giant Carrot Body Pillows, I made the decision to have them made at a small woman-owned studio called Kolouri in Los Angeles.  The lemons and limes are made at the American Bear Factory in Phoenix, Arizona.

If you order a custom Jumbo Jibble, be sure it will be made by my hands. The cost of a custom pillow, plush or prop comes from hours of design and protyping. The end result is a piece that no one has but you.

"Chubby" carrot pillow for a collector.


Jumbo Jibbles are Made in the USA!

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