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Sky and Light astronomy pendants use the time, date and location of a cherished memory and creates a star map that matches the sky at that time, from your chosen location. Choose a first kiss, memorial, birth or a memory known only to you. Pendants are handpainted on medical-grade opticians lenses.
Star Map Pendant
Star Map Pendant
Star Map Pendant
Star Map Pendant

Star Map Pendant

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It's hard to properly describe something so spectacularly detailed-- a slice of the universe, hand painted on glass to reflect the stars in the sky the day you were born, the night of your first kiss or the last time you saw a loved one.

These beautiful pendants are hand-painted on the reverse of vintage optician lenses and sealed with a non-toxic coating to protect the artwork. Your stars, the way they would be seen from planet earth, are seen through the glass. Before sealing, your sky is given a sprinkling of stardust, an opaque background and sealed.

They are waterproof and absolutely one-of-a-kind. 1.5 inches (4cm) in diameter. The pendant hangs around the sternum, just below your collarbone. Though made of sturdy materials, the pendant is light and smooth, like a tiny window into the stars. The pendant comes on an 18" silver plated chain.

Please note the date, time and location of your desired sky in the notes when purchasing. If time is not known, approximate or time will be assumed at 12:00:00am. Dates are not limited to the past, but also present and future times.

Memory ideas:

-first kiss
-high school or college graduation
-sobriety date
-first human on the moon
-visiting a new country
-sibling's birthday
-birth of a child
-fall of the Berlin Wall
-the day you met your true love

Gift wrap included! Your piece will come in a black box with a hand-carved silver stamp, and a tiny book explaining the stars. If you'd like a blank notecard, please let me know in the notes at checkout.

-Want a different color? Contact me for customization!
-ships Priority
-please allow 3-4 weeks for creation

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